Compression Force?


The compression force of a material is the force applied to smash or deform it. Materials with a higher compression force are used in the construction of structures that are bound to be exposed to stress. Ceramics, steel and stone are some of the materials with high compression forces.
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The application of a compression force to an object causes it to become squashed or compacted. Some solid materials like stone and ceramics are able to withstand very large compressive
Compression migraines are caused by pressure placed on the head from something either worn around or on the head or the face. These can include any type of helmet or hat, headbands
A compressive force is a force which squeezes an object. There could be two or more compressive forces pushing from different direnctions on an object with an overall result of "
Since you don't mention anything about reactions, I'm assuming the triangle is resting on a flat surface. 1) 100kg * 9.81m/s^2 = ? 2) ? * sin 60 = ? OR ? * cos 30 = ? Either one will
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Compression force is the internal force that acts within a deformable body. It is the measure of the average force per unit area of a surface within the body upon which internal forces act, quantitatively. These internal forces are reactions to external forces that are applied on the body.
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