Compression Waves?


Compression waves consist of periodic vibration that take place in the same direction of travel. That means that the movement of the medium is in the same direction as or the opposite direction to the motion of the wave.
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A compression wave is when the particles in a wave are close together and not spread out. A compression wave is where the pressure in the waves is higher than atmospheric pressure
Rarefaction is the reduction of a medium's density, or
I am not sure what you are asking but I am guessins on an ECG. Compressed T wave is probably an abnormal T-wave in the ECG, usually smaller than a normal rythm
A warm compress can be made at home using a washcloth or clean dish towel. You can dip the towel in a warm pot of water and wring the excess water out, or you can dampen the dry towel
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compression wave
a shock wave that compresses the medium through which it is transmitted.
We are all very familiar with sound waves, and we know that even though the word 'wave', generally refers to something having to do with water; it's different with sound waves. A sound wave is an example of a compression wave, a wave that takes place when a fluid is compressed. You can find more information here: http://en. wiktionary. org/wiki/compression_wave
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