What is a computer component?


Computer components are all the physical pieces, or hardware, that are assembled to make a computer function. Each large component, such as the monitor, keyboard and system unit, is made up of many smaller pieces.

There are some differences between desktop and laptop computers, but most of them have the same basic components. For instance, the processes of a computer are controlled by the system unit. This includes the central processing unit, or CPU, which runs the show, and the random access memory, or RAM, which temporarily stores information. The hard disk drive, which contains most of the computer's programs and files, is another component of the system unit. Because of its many functions, this unit contains numerous small electronic parts.

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What Are the Components of a Computer?
Computers use an array of components working virtually seamlessly to process information and to communicate with other devices. The programmable nature of computers allow users to upgrade, customize and develop applications. At the heart of your computer... More »
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