What Is a Computer Hoax?


A computer hoax is a message, usually an email that warns a user of a fictional computer virus threat. It is usually harmless in nature and is only aimed at antagonizing a user and wasting their time. The email usually exaggerates the ability of the virus, such as it is capable of completely damaging the entire computer or erasing the content of the hard disk.
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(hōks) n. An act intended to deceive or trick. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means. tr.v. , hoaxed , hoax·ing , hoax·es . To deceive
The easiest way to understand computer software is to grasp the meaning of computer hardware, which consists of the physical components of a computer, including the hard drive, motherboard
A hoax is a deliberate attempt to deceive or trick someone into believing something is real, when the
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