Concurrent Powers?


A power that is shared by a state and federal government is called a concurrent power. These powers can be simultaneously exercised within a specific territory with a body of citizens. The United States of America is an example of a federalist nation where concurrent powers are applied.
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powers shared by both state and federal governments.
Concurrent powers are powers held by both the states and the
Concurrent Powers is a power that is shared by the federal government and the states.
Powers that "run together" or occur at the same time.
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Concurrent powers are a part of the federal government including state governments. There are many examples of concurrent powers related to both federal and state ...
The term 'concurrent powers' refers to political powers that are shared by state and federal governments. These types of powers may be exercised independently ...
Exclusive powers are powers that are held only by the federal government. There are also concurrent powers, which are powers that are shared by the state and federal ...
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