What is a condemned house?


When a house is condemned, it has been seized by a public figure of authority. In many cases, the condemned house is destroyed to clear the land it resides on, especially in cases involving road construction.

LegalMatch explains that condemnation often occurs when a private property resides on land that must be repurposed for public use. In most cases, condemned properties make way for road construction and nature reserves. Contrary to popular belief, condemnation can occur even when a property is being taken care of. However, many condemned properties are in poor condition or abandoned and of little benefit to their owners, so the sale generally favors both parties.

According to Investopedia, a condemned house is usually owned in an area that has been set aside for construction or public purposes, such as a park. Eminent domain, which is the right of public authorities to take private property when it would benefit the public, is the legal process used to justify the condemnation of property. The government must offer fair compensation to the property's current owner. If the owner is not interested in the offer, he or she can decline the award and utilize the services of a lawyer in an attempt to get a better deal.

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