What Is a Condensation Point?


Condensation Point refers to the temperature at which a gaseous compound becomes liquid. As energy is taken out of the gaseous compound, its atoms move less vigorously and eventually condense or come together to form drops of liquid.
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75c 146 f. condensation point of water would be the same its boiling point, which is 100 celsius. (like how melting point and freezing point of water)
( ′vak·yəm kən′dens·iŋ ′pöint ) (chemistry) Temperature at which the sublimate (vaporized solid) condenses in a vacuum. Abbreviated
The flash point of a chemical is the lowest temperature where it will
Condensers apply pressure to gas until it becomes a liquid-forcing energy out as heat-and then circulate the cooled liquid through a closed system, where it absorbs heat as it returns
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condensation point
a point of which every neighborhood contains an uncountable number of points of a given set.
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