What Is a Cone Shape?


A cone shape is a geometrical feature whose most distinguishing characteristics are; one apex, circular base and smooth planes. The word cone originates from a Latin word conus. Other geometric shapes include; circular shapes, oval shapes and cylindrical shapes among others.
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A cone shape is basically a rounded triangle shape. If you look at a funnel or one of those orange pointed barriers that are placed on the roads then you are looking at a cone.
In geometry, it refers to the solid shape wherein, it has a rounded base known as the apex and it's sides gradually decreases up to the tip. It is also commonly perceived to be right circular by the primary levels.
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cone shape; conoid; cone
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To make a cone shape, imagine the shape of a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is a cone. Place your pencil at the top of your page and use a ruler to draw a ...
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