Confederal System?


A confederal system is a government system made of a league of several independent states. Each of the states have their own sovereign powers. The states are overseen by one central government created by such a league, which has only limited specified powers over these states.
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A confederation governing system is a political system where its constituents decide to delegate some powers to a central governing body. Usually it is limited to certain specific
The Alliance System was a series of treaties requiring a country to give military
You're probably just being asked about the system of government created by the Articles of Confederation - a system in which the national government was weak and most power was in
Advantage of Federal System: By dividing power between the states and the national government, one level can serve as a check on the other. More? report this answer. Updated on Wednesday
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A confederate system of government is one where regional, or state, governments hold most of the power and the central government is weaker. The central government ...
A confederate government is an alliance of independent states. The federal government in this style has a very limited amount of power. Some advantages to this ...
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