What Is a Conformed Copy of a Legal Document?


A conformed copy of a legal document is the exact copy of a document, which is filed in a court. It is normally handwritten and stamped by the court clerk on the initial day at court. Under the law, it is admissible as evidence if an original court document is lost.
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A 'legal document' is also known as a 'binding document' A legal document is legal and usually sealed in an envelope until the owner receives it.
Though all legal documentation reviewed and interpreted will ultimately be passed through a licensed attorney, paralegals and interns often perform primary reviews to assist attorneys
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What Is a Conformed Copy of a Legal Document?
When you file a document with a court or with a government agency, such as a petition for divorce or property deed, you can request a conformed copy of it from the clerk of court or agency. Generally, a conformed copy is a true and exact copy of the... More »
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A conformed signature is a stamp that is usually stamped by a court clerk. The conformed signature is usually found on copies of a document filled by a court. ...
Certificates of conformance are documents certifying that a supplied good or service meets the industry-governed specifications and legal specifications required ...
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