What Is a Conformed Copy of a Legal Document?


A conformed copy of a legal document is the exact copy of a document, which is filed in a court. It is normally handwritten and stamped by the court clerk on the initial day at court. Under the law, it is admissible as evidence if an original court document is lost.
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According to Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary, a conformed copy is an exact copy of a document filed with a court, with certain exceptions described below. A court clerk conforms
The requirements for a legal document vary from state to state but generally the document must explain the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties and have at least one parties
Documents aren't legal. They are evidence of agreements. Some of them can be legal documents, recording legal agreements. In most cases to be used as evidence, it helps if they are
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What Is a Conformed Copy of a Legal Document?
When you file a document with a court or with a government agency, such as a petition for divorce or property deed, you can request a conformed copy of it from the clerk of court or agency. Generally, a conformed copy is a true and exact copy of the... More »
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A conformed signature is a stamp that is usually stamped by a court clerk. The conformed signature is usually found on copies of a document filled by a court. ...
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