What Is a Constant Velocity Joint?


A constant velocity joint, is a joint that is designed to be able to bend in any direction. It is the joint is part of a drive shaft that attaches to a car's transmission at one end and the wheel at the other. Constant velocity joints are mainly used in the drive shafts of front wheel drive cars.
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con·stant-ve·loc·i·ty joint
[kon-stuhnt vuh-los-i-tee]
a universal joint that is used in the drive train of front-wheel-drive cars and operates effectively even when the shafts being connected meet at a sharp angle.
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Constant velocity joint are joints used in front wheel drive cars, this joint connects two intersecting rotating shafts making an angle with one another, when this angle varies in service. They transmit torque sparingly when the wheel moves in steering .
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n. A universal joint used especially in front-wheel drive cars that allows power to be transmitted from a transaxle to an axle or from an axle to a wheel even at sharp angles, as
A constant velocity joint transfers power between two rotating shafts or mechanisms that do not always stay in a straight line. Here's an example. In a front wheel drive, the wheels
Constant velocity is when an object is moving with any acceleration forces acting upon it. On Earth this is difficult because gravity is an acceleration force.
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