What Is a Constitutionalist?


A constitutionalist is an advocate of the constitutional government; he is an individual who believes that a government should strictly adhere to its own constitution. However, such a government should be miniature not only in size but also in extent and power. Constitutionalists are said to believe in constitutionalism.
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[kon-sti-too-shuh-nl-ist, -tyoo-]
an adherent or advocate of constitutionalism or of an existing constitution.
an expert on a political constitution.
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A constitutionalist supports the adherence to constitutional principles or supports a
Anti-constitutionalists were a faction of the Anti-Federalist movement during the Continental Congress. They were against the drafting of the Articles of Confederation and some were
Conservatives follow the constitution very closely...when it suits their agendas. i.e. Right to bear arms. However, when it doesn't suit them, the constitution is interpeted very
Meaning an advocate of constitutional government Hypernyms(s) constitutionalist is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal, plant is a hypernym of flower advocate
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