What Is a Contested Omnibus Hearing?


A contested omnibus hearing is a pre-trial proceeding of a criminal matter. Its main purpose is to address as many issues as possible before trial. During the hearing, the court determines whether the case is ready to move to a full trial.
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The omnibus hearing occurs after the defendent is charged with a crime. The omnibus hearing falls between the arraignment, where the judge reads the formal charges to the defendant,
"Contested" means that the parties do not agree on some issue or statement of facts pertaining to the matter before the court. There will be a hearing before the judge where
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An omnibus hearing is a criminal pretrial hearing.
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Definition of a Contested Omnibus Hearing
A contested omnibus hearing is a pretrial proceeding for a criminal matter. If a lawyer was not previously provided, the court must appoint one for the defendant at that time. The defendant may also change his plea.... More »
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