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A contiguous file is a file that is placed in a storage drive of a computer in a way that it is in sequential position of the drive. It is advantageous, because it performs better by decreasing the amount of time the computer takes to read the data.
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Contiguous files are files placed on a storage drive in such a way that they are in sequential portions of the drive. They result in better performance due to the decreased amount of time taken by the computer to read the data.
Contiguous files are the files on a computer system that are stored as a unit in one location and not as broken pieces in various locations of the hard disk. This is usually seen when you defragment your hard disk. Therefore, defragmenting joins the different pieces of a non-contiguous file to form a contiguous file.
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Contiguous files are windows files that are in one spot on your hard drive rather than fragmented throughout your machine. When you run a defragmenting program the goal is to create
Fragmentation is the result of poor disk-space management by filesystems such as NTFS --- that used by the Microsoft Windows operating system. Fragmented files are split up and located
In essence it's a file that is stored on the filesystem in one piece - that is that all parts of the file are stored from beginning to end in adjascent allocation units instead of
A contiguous file is an entire file in one place on your PC. Defragmenting pulls parts of files together
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A contiguous file in Windows XP is a file that has not been broken up. You will often see this type of file when you defragment your disk. Your computer is able ...
Contiguous files on a computer are files that are created after the hard drive has been defragmented. These files can be more quickly and easily accessed because ...
Contiguous files are files on a mass storage media such as a hard drive that are arranged in a specific order. These files are arranged in a way that they are ...
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