What Is a Contour Line Drawing?


A contour line drawing is the line which defines a form and it is the place where most beginners start, following the visible edges of a shape. The contour portrays the farthest edges of a form, as well as remarkable changes of plane within the form.
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1. Plot data on the site map at the appropriate locations using a pen. For example, write groundwater elevation data adjacent to the corresponding monitoring well or plot sand thickness
It is a drawing where the line or lines show the edge of the object, not the outline but the edge.
What is contour drawing? To put it most simply, outline drawing. You probably already draw this way; it is the obvious way to draw with a pen or pencil and is familiar from line illustrations
Put simply, a contour is a line connecting points of equal elevations on the ground surface. The corresponding line on the map is called a contour line. Alternatively, contour lines
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Hachure contour lines are the numerous crossing lines that make a shaded definition on either maps or drawings. They are usually on the left side of the topographical ...
Contour lines are lines that are normally drawn on a map to show and to connecting points of equal elevation. If an individual is walking along a contour line, ...
Contour lines are used to connect two points that have an equal elevation. They are lines used on a map so that they can show or define the topography of a certain ...
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