How to Draw Contour Lines on a Topographic Map?


A contour line on a topographical map is essentially a line drawn on a map that connects points of equal elevation such that if you walk along such line you neither gain nor lose elevation. These lines are useful since they allow us to show the shape of the land surface (topography) on a map.
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A line on the map that shows areas of the same elevation.
1. Find the contour interval given at the bottom of the map. Note the value given for the contour interval. 2. Locate your (or another point of interest) location on the map. 3. Find
Contour lines on a topographic map are lines used to
The lines themselves represent elevation. The distance between the lines represents gradient.
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Contour lines bend on a topographic map to indicate a stream valley must bend towards the start point from the origin. In case the stream valley is somehow deep, ...
On topographic lines the connected point are not of equal height. The lines are pointing out areas of elevation but they are not necessarily the same elevation. ...
The difference in elevation between two contour lines on a topographic map depends on the map. The legend will tell you the contour interval in feet, which is ...
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