Sentence for Contrast?


A contrast sentence is used in grammar to show the differences between two or more points of discussion. These sentences use contrast clauses such as however, but, albeit, in spite of, despite and although to depict the differences.
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My sister and I are very different. //Apex :p.
Contrast refers to a type of distinction made between two (sometimes more)
It means that the difference between dark clothing and hair and white skin will make you face seem paler. Wearing bright and lighter coloured clothes will make your skin seem darker
Eleven schools rejected her application. 2. Geneva Medical College finally accepted her. 3. She graduated from there in 1849. 4. Ths was after much debate among the faculty Posted
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Example sentence - The black frame has a nice contrast to the red in the painting. ...
The relationship between the clincher sentence and the thesis statement in a comparing and contrasting essay is that they both grab the reader's attention. These ...
To write a compare and contrast paragraph, use the initial sentence to introduce the items being compared. In the next sentence, tell how they are alike, that's ...
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