What is a control measure in healthy and safety?


A control measure is any measure taken to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury or bodily harm by way of signage, physical restrictions, implemented policy or equipment repair. Control measures are commonly used in dangerous work environments, such as factories, to ensure safety.

In order to effectively implement a control measure, the likelihood and potential severity of a risk must first be assessed. After assessment, relevant workers must be consulted to determine the most effective way of eliminating or reducing the risk. If available materials for control are not readily available, it should be considered whether or not they can be manufactured. A risk must be evaluated for its necessity also, since it is possible that the risk is a result of faulty equipment that will be eliminated once the equipment is repaired.

There are specific control measures for dangerous industries, such as hazardous chemicals. Some control measures in hazardous chemicals are safety masks, gloves and other protective equipment designed to shield the body. These control measures are unique to hazardous chemicals and must be implemented each day, whereas in other industries control measures are usually only implemented when a risk presents itself and only last while the risk is active.

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