What is a cooking sieve?


A cooking sieve is a utensil used to strain boiling water or dry ingredients such as powdered sugar. A sieve has holes and comes in different shapes and sizes.
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Sieve n. A utensil of wire mesh or closely perforated metal, used for straining,
A food mill is a tool used to grind and puree soft foods through perforated disks using a hand-turned crank. Food mills are used for a variety of purposes: mashing potatoes, pureeing
A sieve is used when you are cooking something and you need to get rid of the lumps, such as when you are making a cake, you often sieve the flour before adding it to the mixture
Scrub the top side. Scrub the bottom side. Spray the bottom side with clean water. Spray the top side with clean water. Inspect for remaining particles. Dry.
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