Coqui refers to a singing tree frog, native to Puerto Rico that has become an invasive pest in Hawaii. It belongs to the Eleutherodactylus genus which in Greek means free toes. It usually plays a scratchy orchestra of insects and the other creatures present in the rainforests also join the singing group of noisy frogs.
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Listen for the coqui's distinct and wildly popular song, which beings at sunset and lasts until dawn. Its name comes from its song, which sounds like "Ko-kee, Ko-kee." Find
Coqui (n. a small chiefly nocturnal arboreal frog native to Puerto Rico that has a high-pitched
A Coqui is a small frog native only to Puerto Rico. They are famous for their croaks that they make at night.
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Coqui frogs are called so in Puerto Rico and are small non-poisonous frogs that have a minute tail during birth, which quickly disappears. They are normally grown ...
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The Puerto Rican coqui are eaten by a variety of insects and creatures depending on what stage of development they are at. For example coqui eggs are eaten by ...
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