What Is a Cotton Boll?


A cotton boll is a seed pod which when ripe splits open and exposes seeds which are covered in cotton fibres. Cotton plants belong to the genus Gossypium, which is taxonomically classified under the Malvaceae family.
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Do you mean what are cotton bolls? Cotton boll is the name of the rounded seed pod of the cotton plant. The fibres harvested for cotton develop within the boll and are part of it.
Cotton is a soft, fluffy, staple fiber that grows in a form known as a boll
Mostly for making clothes. A small percentage ends up on Q-Tips, Gauze, and Cotton Balls. -
The boll weevil, a small, gray or reddish-brown beetle approximately one-quarter of an inch in length, both satisfies its hunger and grows the next generation of weevil within the
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A cotton boll is what you call the rounded capsule located in the plant that bears the seed of the cotton plant. Flax also contains a boll.
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