What Is a Counter Cheque?


A counter cheque is a kind of cheque withdrawal that is made over the counter and is usually issued by the cashier. Counter cheques are normally given to customers who have run out of cheques or whose cheques are not yet available.
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To obtain a cashier's check, a customer pays a bank the face value of the check along with a service charge. The check is drawn on the bank's or financial institution's funds. A bank
n. (chĕk) See Check.
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. or. MICR. is a character recognition technology adopted mainly by the banking industry and is also a special font used to facilitate processing
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A counter cheque is usually a bank cheque that is normally given to the customers who have run out of cheques or to whose cheques are not yet available. It is always left blank, and it is sometimes called a blank check, though the term has other uses.
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An open cheque is one which can be paid at the counter of a bank as soon as it is issued to the drawee bank. The only requirement by the bank is a proof of identity ...
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