What is a CPO jacket?


A CPO jacket is a casual woolen men's jacket based on the design of a Navy chief petty officer's jacket. It is styled like a shirt with buttons down the front and on the cuffs.

Sometimes a zipper is included in addition to the button closing. CPO jackets have two chest pockets with buttoned flaps. Around the neck is a pointed shirt collar. The bottom edge has either a straight or shirttail hem. CPO jackets are traditionally hip length. They are found in navy, as well as less traditional colors. The style is convenient to wear with layers to adjust to changing temperatures.

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The jackets are cut in a shirt style, giving them a more casual look. They usually have two chest pockets, are fleece or quilt lined and made of heavy fabrics like wool. Various types
A CPO jacket would be a military jacket belonging to a Chief Petty Officer.
A yellow jacket is a predatory wasp that usually has yellow and black stripes. The sometimes have black and white stripes too. They are small and occur only in colonies.
abbr. chief petty officer
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What Is a CPO Jacket?
While it traces its namesake back to the Chief Petty Officers of the United States Navy -- whose signature collared coats were a bit more formal than those of their peers -- you don't have to be a seasoned seafarer to sport a CPO jacket. This versatile... More »
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