What Is the Meaning of Crimson Tide?


A Crimson tide has various meanings. For instance, it may refer to a type of algae which is also known as Karenia brevis. Alternatively, it may refer to the sports teams of the University of Alabama or a cocktail that consist of vodka and pomegranate juice. There is also a book titled 'Crimson Tide' written by Richard P. Henrick.
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Crimson Tide can be a few things: It is a particular type of algal bloom of Karenia brevis, mostly found in the Gulf of Mexico. Crimson Tide is the sports teams of the University of Alabama. Crimson Tide is also a 1995 movie and a video game.
Better known to scientist as karenia brevis. Its an algea type thing that when theres a lot of it in the water makes it red. It is very poisonous to marine life.
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The name Crimson Tide originated I believe in the early 1900's by a sportscaster that said that the team running onto the field looked like a "Crimson Tide".
Big Al the Elephant.
The Alabama Crimson Tide is a college football team that represents the University
$53,000,000 (estimated)
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