What Is a Cross Examination?


A cross-examination is basically a vital step in the legal system which involves the interrogation of a witness using questions that are brought forward by one's opponent or opposing side. The questions are mainly created to probe the reliability of the witness and also to uncover further information about the case at hand.
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At a judicial trial, cross-examination is the process of intense questioning of the witnesses called by the other side in order to test, challenge or discredit their testimony; this is done by the prosecution and defence lawyers. Thus, the defence lawyer has the opportunity to cross-examine a witness who has just given evidence for the prosecution, and the prosecution lawyer has a similar opportunity.
Cross examination can be described as the process whereby a lawyer interrogates a witness on the opposing side of the case. The questions are answered under oath by the witness. The witness is usually interrogated by an attorney after giving evidence so that he can verify or refute it.
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Cross examination is when the attorney for the opposing party questions the witnesses in a trial. If the defendant testifies, the attorney for the plaintiff can question him. This
1 Prepare the cross examination questions. Be prepared for each witness that will undergo cross examination. Review every detail of the current case and the role the particular witness
1. Determine what facts you need to draw out from the witnesses in order to tell your story. You will use your list of necessary facts to craft your cross examination questions. If
Cross examination is a part of trial, either civil or criminal. It is the process by which opposing counsel questions a witness after the attorney who called the witness to the witness
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A cross examination is the time when an attorney for the opposing party is given the opportunity to question a witness in court. ...
A cross examination happens during litigation (or a court proceeding), when the other attorney gets to question the other attorney's client or witness. Normally ...
Cross examination is when the other person's attorney, examines the defense or prosecution. For example, if you are a defendant, you would be examined by the prosecutor ...
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