What is the use of crucible tongs?


Crucible tongs are tools that can be used in either a laboratory setting or an industrial setting. In both cases, the tongs are used to safely move a piece of equipment called a crucible that contains potentially dangerous materials that must be handled very carefully.

In a laboratory, the crucible usually contains chemical compounds that are being heated. In an industrial setting, the crucible usually holds materials that are being melted in a furnace or kiln during the process of metal casting or glassblowing. In both cases, crucible tongs are designed to grip the crucible so it can be moved safely. The handles of crucible tongs are generally long with insulated grips to protect the user’s hands. The tips are usually serrated to give a better grip. The tips are available in various lengths to suit the specific purpose.

Crucible tongs are generally made from strong metal that is able to withstand extremely high temperatures, such as nickel, oxidized or stainless steel. Locking or latching crucible tongs can be locked to the edge of a crucible. Crucible tongs often have safety stops that keep the operator from exerting too much pressure. Too much pressure can result in dropping the crucible.

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Crucible tongs are made up of aluminum that used for moving the crucibles. when they are still hot to cool it down.
Crucible Tongs are used for picking up hot or otherwise hazardous material
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When you heat crucibles they get EXTREMELY hot even if they don't look hot. Always use the crucible tongs (not beaker tongs) to move the crucible and lid when they have been heated.
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About Crucible Tongs
Crucible tongs are steel tools that are welded and used to pull hot crucibles out from furnaces. The tips of crucible tongs are corrugated to make for easy handling. They also have riveted joints. They are very useful in both homes and laboratories where... More »
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