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Cruets are small flat-bottomed vessels with a narrow neck. They often have a lip or spout and may also have a handle as well as a stopper or lid. Cruets are usually made from glass, stainless steel or ceramic.
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a glass bottle, especially one for holding vinegar, oil, etc., for the table.
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A cruet is a container for salt, vinegar, pepper, or even oil. It is usually a small container and is used at dining tables. It is also known as a caster and can have a handle.
A cruet is a type of vessel that has a round bottom surface. It is usually made of brittle material such as glass or ceramic. It has a small neck and sometimes a spouting upper surface that may or may not have a lid. It is mainly used in storing liquids such as oils.
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A cruet is a glass container used for Oil and Vinegar for salad dressing made at the table. They are usually glass and kind a squatty with a glass stopper and handle.
1. Search replacements.com, a website that allows people to buy and sell all kinds of glassware, including cruets. By typing “cruet” into the search box, you will see
Cruet is a small glass bottle for holding a condiment, such as vinegar or oil. ChaCha!
cruet: bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table
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The term cruet can be defined as a bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table. The term can also be defined as a glass bottle that is used to hold ...
A glass cruet set is simply a set of two or more items of glasses, especially drinking glasses, which are deemed collectible items. These glasses are of high collector's ...
Antique cruet sets include one or more bottles that were originally designed to hold condiments. Because these cruet sets were placed on the table for guests, ...
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