What is a crustacean?


A crustacean is any one of the tiny creatures that live in our oceans. They all have some sort of a hard crust or shell, which is where they get their name. An example would be a lobster or a crab.
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Crustaceans are scavengers that live in the ocean. Some very well know crustaceans are know as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and crayfish. You can get some really delicious crustacean
Crustacean noun, any arthropod of the mainly aquatic class Crustacea, typically having a carapace hardened with lime and including the lobsters, crabs, shrimps, woodlice, barnacles,
The most commonly-known types of crustaceans are the crabs and lobsters. They are typical members of the family: they have multiple legs and hard shells, and live underwater. The
Members of the class crustacea. Includes amongst the aquatic crustaceans, shrimp, prawn, yabby, crab, lobster. Many of them are now farmed commercially in enclosed waters. parasitic
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Phylum Crustacea
Approximately 30,000 species make up this Subphylum. Most are aquatic; of these, the majority are marine but some are found in fresh water. Members of the Subphylum include lobsters, crabs, crayfish, shrimp, copepods, barnacles, and several other... More >>
Other Phyla:
A crustacean is an anthropod. They are a group of species that have a hard exoskeleton, a bilaterally symmetrical segmented body with jointed legs, sensory antennae, and 3 pairs of mandibles. Many also have pincers or claws used to capture and break up prey for food.
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Crustaceans are eaten by a number of different predators. They are eaten by humans, as well as eaten in vast quantities by fish and baleen whales. They can also ...
According to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, crustaceans reproduce through externally fertilized eggs. Female crustaceans produce eggs in their ovaries ...
Crustaceans mainly feed on scraps and dead creatures and are therefore classified as scavengers. They mostly search for food at night and hide during the day in ...
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