Cruzeiros Value?


The cruzeiro was the Brazilian currency during the years 1942-1986. The value of this currency has increased and is worth the same amount as one Brazil Real. It is equivalent to approximately £0.40 and is still a valid tender for use and exchange.
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i have the same dollar and it may be 54.77 im not sure though.
1000 mil Brazilian Cruzeiros have no value in the United States. Brazil stopped
Nothing! Since early 90s the brazilian money changed. Now its called real or reais. So, the only thing you can do is to sell your note to someone that collects this stuff. At least
(krū-zâr'ō, -zā'rʊ) n. , pl. , -ros . A unit of currency formerly used in Brazil. [Portuguese, from cruz, cross (from the figure on the coin), from Latin
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