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CTF loader is a system utility on computers running Windows operating system. The loader can be identified as ctfmon.exe among the running programs in the task manager. Generally, the utility program monitors active windows and input modes such as handwriting recognition and keyboard translation.
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Its part of microsoft. CTFMON.EXE (CTF Loader) Supports speech recognition, handwriting. recognition, and other Alternative User Input services. Its safe!
1. Click "Start. 2. Click "All Programs. 3. Click "Accessories. 4. Click "System Tools. 5. Click "Resource Monitor. In this window, click on the "Memory
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What is a CTF Loader?
When using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you often don't consider the different files that make the program run. One of these is the CTF Loader function which controls many language and text related aspects of Microsoft Office.... More »
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The CTF Loader is a complex computer software process. It is a program file in Microsoft Office XP and its formal name is 'Ctfmon.exe.' This file activates two dissimilar functions of Microsoft Office which are 'Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP)' and 'Microsoft Office Language Bar.'
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