What Is a CTW Diamond?


A carat total weight (CTW) diamond refers to the total weight in carats of all the diamonds in a piece of jewellery. Carat weight is used as a measure for other gemstones; however different gems of the same weight aren't certainly the same size, since some gemstones are denser than others.
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ctw is usually an abbreviation for 'carat total weight', which would be the total weight in carats of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry. A ring with one solitaire diamond might be
Carats refer to the weight of gemstones. Karat refers to the gold content of gold alloys. CTW refers to the weight of all the individual stones in a setting. A setting comprised of
For just the diamond with no setting, a .50 carat weight can cost anywhere from $450
CTW stands for Carats Total Weight. A carat is .007054 oz. 1-carat diamond of fine quality might be valued at $25,000 or more as of August 2009.
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CTW stands for Carats Total Weight, in relation to diamonds. A carat is about 0.199977536 grams. A ring could be five carats if it has other gemstones in addition ...
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