What Is a Cub Scout Leader Called?


cub Leader's name comes from the book the jungle book. the head cub leader is called Akela.
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In the US: there are no longer any female based titles... She could be Cubmaster, Den Leader, Committee Chairman, (or any other adult job.) Exception to this rule would be in a Pack
1. The first thing for ALL new cub scouts, regardless of age or rank, is for them to achieve the Bobcat Rank. This means that they need to complete the Bobcat Trail. At the resources
Cub Scouts are grouped in "Sixes" distinguished by coloured
Pfadfinderinnen or Girl Guides. The three German organizations which are members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) are: Pfadfinderinnenschaft Sankt
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The leader of a Cub Scout pack is known as Cubmaster. A Cub Scout refers to a member of the section of the worldwide Scouting movement for young persons, mainly boys normally aged about 7 to 11. The movement is often referred as cubbing and is open to both girls and boys in several countries.
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The Pinewood Derby, an annual Cub Scout event, is a racing event for small miniature cars that first began on May 15, 1953. Resourceful leaders and parents can ...
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