What Is a Cuckolds?


A cuckold could either mean; a man, whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn or be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage or to cheat on your partner.
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the husband of an unfaithful wife.
to make a cuckold of (a husband).
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A cuckolds is a man married to an unfaithful wife, especially when he is unaware or unaccepting of the fact. The wife of a a cuckold commits adultery.
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Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a man whose wife has illicit sexual affairs. In contemporary usage it is sometimes applied to non-married couples and is sometimes used (incorrectly)
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I'm sorry, but 'cuckolder' is currently not a word in the English dictionary. Are you sure the
for those who don't know. This means to cheat and we already have 90 other topic on this subject without the old english language
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A cuckold is a derisive word which is used to describe a man who is married to a woman who is unfaithful and is aware of it. The word is derived from the name ...
Cuckold means to cheat on, being sexually unfaithful to one partner. The term also refers to a man whose wife commits adultery. ...
Humiliation of sissies' husbands is crating mortification leading to a state of being humbled. The best way to humiliate your cuckold sissy husband is by dressing ...
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