Define Cultural Traits?


A culture trait refers to a particular characteristic of human activity which is acquired in normal social life and transmitted by communication. A combination of those traits usually leads to a pattern of values, norms and traditions in a community.
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The customs surrounding weddings vary among different cultures. Learned customs are those values and habits we acquire through observation and interaction. By observing and being
a culture trait would define a certain country or group of people by their daily lives. for example, in America you look at the top ethnic groups, top languages, and religious beliefs
Culture traits are beliefs, values and behaviors that are generally associated with a
Maladaptive is an adjective and is defined thusly: marked by poor or inadequate adaptation. So any physical characteristic not matched well to the environment in which they find themselves
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Culture traits are basically seven items that define a particular culture. These items include learned behaviors that come from the culture, transmitted behaviors ...
Culture trait is a construct that refers to the simplest element in a society. It is a way of using a social norm, a culture object and a social attitude. Different ...
The definition for Cultural Traits simply is the characteristics and habits done by a particular culture. It can also be referred to as the way of living of a ...
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