What Is a Culture Pattern?


A culture pattern refers to a group of interrelated culture traits which show some continuity. Culture patterns normally become the trademark of that particular group of people or society.
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pheriphery patterns that involve culture.
It is a couple of things. One, it is a sample of something that is taken, placed and developed. Two, it can be shared patterns of action.
Culture pattern -noun Anthropology. a group of interrelated culture traits of some
After the concrete is poured but before it is completely hard, patterned stamps and special tools are used to create custom looks for the concrete. Slate, cobblestone, brick, and
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culture pattern
a group of interrelated culture traits of some continuity.
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A cultural pattern develops through a society's perception, interpretation, response and expression to its surrounding environment. In some cultures, sexual activity ...
The main function of culture is to provide groups with a pattern for living. The culture can be made up of both material and non-material products. ...
Modern culture is the way of life, behaviour patterns, skills, institutions and all other products of the modern people. This term can also be defined as a modern ...
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