What Is a Culture Pattern?


A culture pattern refers to a group of interrelated culture traits which show some continuity. Culture patterns normally become the trademark of that particular group of people or society.
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culture pattern
a group of interrelated culture traits of some continuity.
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rules and norms.
Cultural core pattern is patterns of the center culture.
Ruth Benedict was a part of the first generation of American PhDs in Anthropology studying under Franz Boaz. As such, she is generally respected as someone who did a lot of pioneering
Well, something that a culture shares or communicates through time. Architecture, How we Live, How we work, Language , Clothes , Music and Art , our ethics, our food, almost everything
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A culture pattern is a group of interrelated traits that are enforced by a government or a religious leadership body that are of some continuity. The existence ...
A cultural pattern is an extraordinary pattern, which is passed from person to person via non genetic means such as imitation. An example of this pattern is the ...
pheriphery patterns that involve culture. ...
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