Cumulonimbus Clouds Facts?


A cumulonimbus cloud is a vertical towering cloud that is dense, very tall and results to thunderstorms and other inclement weather. These clouds are formed due to instability in the atmospheric condition.
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1. Orient your piece of paper so that it is as a landscape. Draw a horizon line two-thirds from the top of your page. You can draw a heavy mass of clouds to illustrate cumulonimbus
they can be gray white or orange.
( ¦kyü·myə·lō′nim·bəs kap·ə′lad·əs ′klau̇d ) (meteorology) A species of cumulonimbus
Towering Cumulus Stage: The first stage is the towering cumulus stage, or growth stage. The warm, moist air rises and cools, eventually condensing into a cumulus cloud. As condensation
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A cumulonimbus cloud is a cloud that usually seen during thunderstorms or heavy rains. They are normally thick and tall and can be found in altitudes from 6,500 to 60,000 feet
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Cumulonimbus clouds often sit at the front of a cold front. Strong convection of air combined with an unstable atmosphere can make the clouds 12 km or higher ...
Cumulonimbus clouds can produce rain and hail as once the cloud reaches a certain size and updrafts decrease the cloud cannot maintain the rain and hail stones ...
Generally, the type of clouds that produce hail are the cumulus or cumulonimbus cloudes. Strong updrafts are required to produce hail.These clouds would need to ...
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