Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Sadie Hawkins?


There are several cute ways of asking a guy to Sadie Hawkins including sending the boy a note. Ensure the note is creative with nice words and clues as to who you are. Additionally, you can bake a cake or cookies and use frosting to inscribe your name on the top. Make sure you add 'Sadies?' to the top of your cake or cookies.
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Order a pizza and write "SADIES? on it in M&Ms or whatever you
Just ask the guy straight up. Unlike girls, guys think cute and creative is "weird" so don't waste your time trying to think of something creative because the guy probably
Mail him a letter. "Check one Yes or No, Will you go to the dance with me." Classic.
1. Rehearse your invitation before you ask. If you plan to ask a guy to the dance directly, it might make you feel a little more confident if you internally go over what you plan
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Finding cute ways to ask a guy to a Sadies dance can be fun. Its all about making the experience unique. You can write a poem or write a note. Pick out a gift ...
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Creative ways to answer a date would be to go above and beyond the norm. Hand a potential suitor a flower with a big Yes or a No on the blossoms. Have a singing ...
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