What Is a Cutlass?


A cutlass is a short, heavy, faintly curved sword with a single cutting edge similar in appearance to the cavalry saber. It is a broad blade and shorter but thicker in width than a saber. The cutlass sword was commonly used among sailors in the 17th century.
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a short, heavy, slightly curved sword with a single cutting edge, formerly used by sailors.
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1. Draw the desired shape for your cutlass in full size on a piece of newsprint. Include the shape of the blade and all of the details on the hilt, handle and pommel. Cut out the
A type of curved sword used by most sailors, including pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.
n. a short sword with a slightly curved blade, formerly used by sailors. See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further details.
Cutlass (noun) is a short heavy sword with a curved single-edged blade, once used as a weapon by
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A cutlass is a short and heavily curved sword. This sword has one edge and has a hilt that is normally covered with a solid cupped or basket shaped guard. Cutlasses ...
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A cutlass sword is a sword that is broad, short and slightly curved. The word 'cutlass' comes from the Latin word cultellus. It is a sword that was used by pirates ...
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