What is a cutlass sword?


A cutlass sword is a short, wide, cutting blade commonly used as a naval weapon. It has a straight or marginally curved sharp edge with a hilt that often has a solid-cupped or basket-shaped guard.

A cutlass was a popular sailors weapon, since it is tough enough to slice through thick ropes, canvas and wood. Its length is advantageous in close quarters, such as underneath decks, down the ropes or during on-board actions.

A cutlass sword is easy to use and does not require as much training as a small sword. It is a more effective combat weapon than a full-sized sword. It is an agricultural tool as much as it is a weapon, being used in tropical forests and sugar cane farms.

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1. Trace out the cutlass and hilt on two pieces of cardboard. Do not worry about the protective covering of the hilt on the sword just yet. 2. Cut out both drawings of the cutlass
A type of curved sword used by most sailors, including pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.
n. a short sword with a slightly curved blade, formerly used by sailors. See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further details.
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