What is a CSV file?


Short for "comma-separated values," CSV is a common file format type that utilizes a text-based system that places commas to separate the values in each field of data. The CSV format is often used to transfer information from one software application to another.

Most spreadsheet and database programs, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, are able to open this type of file. A CSV file is also a commonly supported file format among several widely known accounting programs, including Quickbooks and Microsoft Money. Most software applications that can open these files are also able to export data in a CSV format.

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1. Open a new Excel document. This spreadsheet organizes the information so that you can read and edit easily. While you can create a CSV in a Notepad document, it's harder to read
Try using jakarta-poi to create excel sheet: http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/hssf/index.html checkout quick guide: http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/hssf/quick-guide.html
No additional information how to convert CVS available yet.
for yahoo goto options>> address book>> import/export>> scroll down and u have many csv formats u can export to... for GMAIL click contacts [u can find it on left
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What Is a CVS File?
Technical drawing software programs allow users to create scale drawings and illustrations. A variety of files are associated with technical drawing software programs, including those with the .cvs file extension.... More »
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