What Is a Cyclic Menu?


A cyclic menu is a set of menu items or dishes, which is different for each day during a cycle and repeats. Such menus are usually found in institutional facilities like school and hospital cafeterias. Their aim is to avoid boredom, and they can run from one week to one month
Q&A Related to "What Is a Cyclic Menu"
A menu that is cyclic. Or "circular." i.e. the TI83/83+ series calculators' menus. When you get to the bottom, it goes back up to the top.
The "cyclical" in cyclical stocks refers to the business cycle - the more or less constant cycle of ups and downs in the economy. The economy experiences strong growth up
Pertaining to or occurring in a cycle or cycles. The term is applied to chemical compounds that contain a ring of atoms in the nucleus. c. adenosine monophosphate (AMP) — see
i think it's a rhythm that never stops like the main rythm, the one that doesn't change and goes around in circles/cycles but i'm not sure.
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