What Is a Daycare Center?


A day-care centre is a place where parents take their children to be taken care of by qualified individuals who are not the children's legal guardians. The centres usually operate during the day, mostly when parents are at work and charge a fee for their services. In the recent past, adult day-care centres have also come up for the elderly members of the society who cannot take care of themselves.
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Every child care center has its own goals for the children. Some are more oriented toward preparing the children for elementary school. Their curriculum is made primarily of pre-kindergarten
Work as a preschool teacher or in some capacity in that atmosphere.
1. Ensure that the building you plan to use is up to code. Set the facility up according to local fire and health codes. Then arrange inspections, including by the fire department
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What Is a Daycare Center?
A daycare center is a designated area or location where children are cared for and supervised. Some daycare centers offer specialized learning or educational surroundings targeted at certain age levels---this attracts parents who want to expose their... More »
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