What Does Dda Mean in Banking?


A DDA bank account is a bank account where one can deposit his or her money. The products offered in a DDA bank account are checking and savings. Demand deposit accounts can have two account owners.
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Demand Deposit Account
A liquid bank account is for the most part equivalent to cash on hand. Although depositing funds into a bank account means you do not retain physical possession, you can within a
what is the mod balance in account. what is the definition of mod balance.
A joint bank account can be set up with any two individuals. For example, a husband and wife could set one up or a father and son could set up an account. When this kind of account
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What Is a DDA Bank Account?
Often referred to as a DDA account, demand deposit bank accounts are one of the most common types of transactional accounts used by individuals in the United States. Chances are that you have one and refer to it as your "checking account."... More »
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