What Does the DDD Stand for in DDD Pacemaker?


A DDD pacemaker is a synthetic cardiac pacemaker that senses and paces both the auricles and ventricles. This pacemaker has the capability to operate in either activated or repressed modes as necessary. The triple Ds stand for dual; the first D signifies that the right atria and ventricle have a pacemaker in the heart wall; the second D explains that the pacemaker detects electrical activity in each chamber whereas the third D means the pacemaker has the option of choosing which chamber to pace on its own.
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A pacemaker is a machine that is used to regulate the heart. People have a pacemaker put in their bodies while they wait for heart transplants.
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ddd stands for Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane which is an insecticide or for DDD, Discipline Determination Dedication.
There are many cells that can initaite escape Rhythms - http://www.thepad.pm/2013. /08/sim. which are essentially Pacemakers. If they fail Pacemakers can be introduced - Introduction
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