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A decoder can be defined as a device that encodes locked data so that the original information can be retrieved. In short, it converts coded inputs into coded outputs. Decoders are mainly used by cable companies to electronically transmit pay per view programs.
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A decoder is a piece of software that translates code into something you can understand. In video, a decoder (or codec) is a file that lets you watch a certain format of video.
A codec, or compressor/decompressor, is a form of software or hardware designed to both compress and decompress streams and signals of video and audio. Common codec applications include
In digital communication original information vectors are retrieved from the coded output.
Multiplexers and decoders are different devices. A multiplexer (mux) is a "many" to "few" device. For example, a 4:1 mux selects one of four input signals to be
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a person who decodes messages or the like.
a device for decoding cryptograms, codes, or the like, as an electric or electronic apparatus that transforms arbitrary input signals into letters, words, etc.
Navigation an electronic circuit designed to respond only to certain signals and to reject others.
Computers. a circuit designed to produce a single output when actuated by a certain combination of inputs.
Television. a box attached to a television set containing circuitry to unscramble encoded signals, as cable-television programs or closed captions, so that the signals can be displayed on the screen.
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A decoder undoes the encoding so that the original information can be retrieved. You can use the same method to encode in reverse to decode. Sounds easy enough.
In computers a decoder is piece of software that is used to uncompress media so it can be played. Often media files are saved in a compressed format to save space. Later to play them you may need to be a program to decode the compression.
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