Decomposers That Live in the Desert?


The main decomposers in a desert ecosystem are bacteria and fungi. This is due to the fact that bacteria and fungi are ubiquitous in every habitat on Earth. It is a misconception that dung beetles and termites are decomposers in the desert as they are not adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of deserts.
Q&A Related to "Decomposers That Live in the Desert?"
Bacteria and insects are the main decomposers which live permanently in the
Termites. ~Courtney.
Carrion eaters like vultures,ants, and flies take care of some detritus. Dung beetles and other beetle species plus millipedes are detritivores reducing wastes for bacteria to decompose
Many species of lizards live in the desert, some as small as 6 cm. and others as large as 3 feet. Their coloring blends in with the desert rocks upon which they like to sun themselves
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