Decomposers That Live in the Desert?


The main decomposers in a desert ecosystem are bacteria and fungi. This is due to the fact that bacteria and fungi are ubiquitous in every habitat on Earth. It is a misconception that dung beetles and termites are decomposers in the desert as they are not adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of deserts.
Q&A Related to "Decomposers That Live in the Desert?"
Termites. ~Courtney.
The darkling beetle is specially adapted to hunt in the heat of the day. Its hard, white wing case is reflective. The Namib desert beetle survives one of the driest habitats on earth
Animals that can live without water for long periods of time (such as camels) tend to live in the desert. Also, plants such as cactuses live in the desert because the can store water
Some species of trees are capable of surviving the dry desert weather without the precipitation trees in more temperate areas need for growth. Desert trees survive by putting down
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