What Is a Decompression Bomb?


A decompression bomb, also known as a zip bomb, is a harmful archive file whose purpose is to crush the program or system trying to read it. Although it is a small file, its contents are too huge for the system to handle when unpacked. Nowadays, most antivirus programs are able to identify a zip bomb and hence avoid unpacking it.
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A DB disables certain computer programs. It renders useless the computer program that attempts to read it. If a computer program attempts to read the DB, it will require so much time
I did a scan with Avast, and in the results, it says one of the files was a decompression bomb. I know what it is and everything but I've never had one before and don't know ...show
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What Is a Decompression Bomb?
Persons (hackers) seeking to vandalize other computers have run into a predicament with the development of antivirus systems. So these hackers developed a response to such systems with something called a decompression bomb (DB)---a compressed zip file... More »
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