What Is a Deed of Easement?


An easement deed is the written legal document that asserts the legal right to the easement, with an easement being a legal term that means a person is granted a right of passage for a specific purpose to a small portion of land owned by someone else. Easements can be granted for a number of reasons, such as the need to run a sewer across someone else's property, or the need to have a driveway across property owned by another party.
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There are two main types of easements: easements in gross and easements appurtenant. The key difference between the types refers to the duration of the easement. An easement in gross
It is a legally enforceable agreement, usually relating to access or passage over another persons land, that can't be "taken away or stopped" by any new owner of the property
Your land must be subject to the easement.
Your house's warranty deed should have an attachment that spells out the conditions of the easement. The documents received back from the title company will have your warranty deed
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What Is a Deed of Easement?
Legal issues regarding property often turn on the extent to which a person can use and enjoy a parcel of property. In some instances, a person who is not the owner of a piece of land has rights to use land owned by another. In this scenario, an easement... More »
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Deed of easement also called a right of way is a legal right to grant pass along a specified route through somebody's property. Before the grant can be issued the grantor has to hold interest in the servient property and the grantee holds the interest in the dominant property.
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