What Is a Deemed Dividend?


A deemed dividend is a tax policy used by publicly traded firms as a means of shifting tax responsibility from shareholders during the sale of company shares. Dividends are overheads made by a company to its shareholder members.
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Dividends are the earnings given to the people who are shareholders of the company stock. Dividends do not have to be paid to the company's shareholder members, it could be invested
In the accounting world Income is synonymous with revenue. I.E. any money you earned. A dividend is money paid back to the shareholders if the company makes a net profit after all
Corporations pay dividends to their shareholders out of business earnings. Dividend payments are generally paid quarterly and the payment schedule includes ex-dividend and payable
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What Is a Deemed Dividend?
A deemed dividend is a tax instrument used by publicly traded corporations as a means of shifting tax liability from shareholders during the sale of company stock. The IRS also permits the use of a deemed dividend as a means of spreading out investor tax... More »
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