What Is a Delivery Note Used for?


Delivery notes are documents that contain a record of the products the have been delivered to a consignee (customer). It is usually provided by the consignor and is handed to the consignee upon deliver, to confirm that the goods arrived in good condition.
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It is used when the buyer unpacks their goods,they will check the items they received on the delivery note.
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A delivery note serves to inform the recipient of shipped goods of the description and quantity of goods delivered. A copy is always returned to the seller as proof of delivery.The document accompanies the shipped goods.
A delivery note is a document written document from the seller to the buyer that accompanies deliveries of goods. It also spells out the specific type and the quantity of the goods. A copy of the delivery note that is signed by the buyer or consignee, is returned back to the seller or consignor as a proof of delivery.
A delivery note is a manuscript that accompanies a shipment of goods that usually lists the description as well as the quantity of the goods delivered. A print of the delivery note is normally signed by the consignee or buyer and it is taken back to the consignor or seller as a proof of delivery.
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